How old do I need to be?

In order to be trade the financial markets and be mentored by us you must be 18+

Do I need my own broker?

Yes and No. Clients have the option to use any broker if you are new we can recommend a broker to you

What if I'm not happy with the services?

If you have a valid reason and you are unsatisfied with our services a full refund policy will be issued. No refunds after 30 days of your purchase

How much capital is required begin?

We aim to build your portfolio, we recommend a starting balance of at least  £100. A good trader can turn anything to anything

How long does it take to be a professional trader?

Trading can be mastered very quickly if you learn the right components, hence our Master accelerator programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools and experience to kill the markets, but it all comes down to you as an individual - check out our blogs posts

How much risk is involved?

Trading carries a high risk and also high reward. There are many risk management procedures that we take on every trade to ensure minimal risk is used but generate high profits. We use nothing less than a 1:3 risk to reward ratio