Guidance is the process of guiding awareness, to become familiar with what is ultimately already true. You could also say inner guidance is choosing to turn your attention to different things (having free will or guiding your attention), this is a form of inner guidance. It is your ability to make clear decisions and to feel comfortable as you make them.

In the self development course we provide for you, there will be a clear guidance for you to read and listen to. Our ultimate goal is creating an opening of pure awareness, when your conceptual mind subsides.

This service will help you stay more peaceful and neutral in your trading decisions, acting as a stable foundation and keeping you receptive to the information that we provide.

We will be focussed on being happy in a simpler sense, (happiness not dependent on circumstance)

The simple pure foundation of life felt as a child is the same foundation as is present today, but may have been overlooked or distracted from over time, creating a sense of victimisation and separation. To refamiliarize with that feeling of freedom is our objective here.

Whilst there may be a sense of well being within you already, sometimes it can feel as though this is not the case, there are many circumstantial examples for this:

  • Dealing with contradictions or misinterpretations
  • Past trauma
  • Overly empathetic tendencies or the opposite
  • Too much repetition that leads to a boxed in kind of feeling
  • Physical pain
  • loss of any kind

In our mission statement, our first sentence is "we are all Visionaries by Nature". By this we mean that our natural state is free, loving and inspired. living in alignment with the true vision of life is really the same for everyone, if you are aligned with this, a sense of freedom and well being will be throughout your whole surroundings and could potentially unlock manifestation.

We are here to help you in your journey of self development. Below is a chance to speak to one of our mentors/analyst with any questions regarding personal development and trading the financial markets.