Banks, Governments, Hedge Funds, Institutions, Prop Firms, you may have heard of them. WE believe they are the main drivers of price among financial instruments as they are responsible for many things and also hold millions/billions in trade balance in our market today. In fact it is their market that we're trading, so therefore having a broad idea of how they trade, what tools and strategies are use and when do they trade is VERY important because it can improve your accuracy and profitability by FAR. The Live session presented to you by THFX will cover various topics such as Forex manipulation, how to prepare trade NFP, simplified institution analysis and much more. By the end of your lesson you will have a fresh outlook on the market and be able to spot/pin point price action with the tools and knowledge we will share with you.

  • Category: Forex and Trading
  • Duration: 01:45 Hours
  • Location:Online Link

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There are two basic types of traders, retail and institutional. Retail traders, often referred to as individual traders buy or sell financial instruments for personal accounts like themselves or family. Institutional traders buy and sell instruments on accounts they manage for a group or institution. There are many key differences between the two trading parties. In example Institutional trading is a game and you need to know how to play it. When markets go down, retail traders panic and sell. Whereas institutions are aggressively buying! Although catching a falling knife is risky, a pull-back/correction/sell off is a chance to buy an asset on a huge discount.

You need to separate yourself from the rest, you cannot beat the market or its makers, retail education is everywhere across the internet and book what you will learn is not taught anywhere else.