Momentum trading is a strategy where the strength of price movements is used to enter and exit positions. You may encounter momentum when price drops or shoots up in minutes/hours. In the Financial markets there are huge movements and opportunities that traders miss. Learn how to capitalize during accelerating price action.

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  • Duration: 01:15 Hours
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There are technical indicators available to measure momentum. They measure the rate of change of the price of a currency pair. Waning momentum indicates a probable retracement or reversal. Accelerating momentum suggests that the trend will continue for some time. It is up to the trader to understand the existing market environment and apply the most appropriate signal, according to the context. 

 Although we can use accelerating momentum to enter positions and profit in a short period of time it also allows us to pin point our exit when the momentum is dull, which could give you a sign of trend reversal. In the course presented to you by THFX you will learn how to trade fast moving markets, scalping and how to identify momentum opportunities on a day to day basis with tools and strategies you can take away and apply on the same day