Name, age, country, credit and tax details, mobile number, risk tolerance, sign up to join our email lists, contact us about an investment, or email, call or otherwise communicate with us. You have a choice in regards to if you want to inform us about your education, work experience, skills and any endorsements. We collect personal information when you fill out a contact form and when you book a call.
When you provide us with this information, it is used for a specific reason: to teach you financial education and share knowledge

How do we collect information

We collect information through our contact forms and email subscriptions. We also collect information through phone and by email when you a progressing with using our services. In most cases, you are in control of the information you seek to give us but this could limit the amount of benefit you can get from using our services, such as your risk tolerance when making an investment. If we receive information about you from other sources, we may use it to add further value to our relationship.

How we use the information

To identify ways in which we can grow your wealth or offer advice which meets your specific needs as a client. We will keep the information away from any third parties, we do not share your details with third parties. We use your data to respond to your inquiries, to complete transactions, to validate your identity, to keep records of our interactions with you, to prevent fraud or criminal activity, to fulfil any purpose that you provide your information for, notify you about changes to our products or services, provide you with special offers in regards to our products and services.

Your rights

To have access to your information regarding your investments weekly or monthly, you will be able to get a copy of the data we keep on you: you must prove your identity before accessing this data, unless already done. If any information is incorrect, you can request to have it changed at any time. You can ask us to transfer your personal details to other parties at any time, for direct access: see the email above. We will retain your information until you stop using our services. You can unsubscribe from our email list, by simply sending an email saying: "stop emails". You can request to have us limit what we do with your information.

Other sites

We use other sites to provide services and educational resources, we are not responsible for the information that you give them. You should not use these third party sites if they are requesting information from you.