The simple pure foundation of life felt as a child is the same foundation as is present today, but may have been overlooked or distracted from over time, creating a sense of victimisation and separation. To refamiliarize with that feeling of freedom is our objective here.

Are you new to the markets? Are you looking for way to get started in your profitable journey? If so the 5 CRUCIAL steps will be useful on your journey

In this article we will discuss the main types of market conditions. Identifying the condition or structure of the market is very crucial. No S&R levels, no trendline just pure naked price action.

There is no need to rush. Trading is marathon not a sprint. You must focus on your expectations, success and a system which will enable financial freedom. Be systematic in your everyday life and you will start to see results

In this blog I want to talk about how major market participants manipulate the market on daily basis. Find out why market makers hunt your stop loses before moving in the intended direction