30 May

There is no need to rush. Trading is marathon not a sprint. You must focus on your expectations, success and a system which will enable financial freedom.

It does not matter if you spend thousands on "trading material" or course,  your success is not guaranteed rather your mindset and understanding probability. We will do our part, will you do yours?

It takes a lot to be a profitable trader Irrespective of whether or not you believe in certain strategies, there are some aspects of trading that can improve your results by miles that a lot of traders haven't picked up on yet.

As a trader, you need to do extensive planning before attempting to execute a trade. What is more important than anything else is a systematic journaling and optimization process. It's essential, as afterwards, you have to figure out what was good or bad. In this way, you will gather practical information, which you can use to optimize your trading strategy and do better in general. 

Planning, journaling and optimizing are areas where many traders fail to be consistent. That is often the reason why their capital is gone before they even create a profitable strategy. It requires work. And nowadays nobody is willing to invest energy and time into making something work. People are chasing instant gratification and quick happiness.

Discipline + passion = consistency with a proven system is the key.

All traders have different reasons for why they want to trade. You must really think about this and set yourself goals, short term and long term, personally and financially.

 'The main goal of a successful trader is make the best trades. Money is secondary''- Alexander Elder.

Getting the trade to work first is very crucial, money is the reward. Thinking too much about the reward will cloud your judgement, not that we shouldn't focus on the reward but we must remain content.

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