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Please note that the interpretation of subjects like this can vary from person to person, everyone uses different language when describing how the mind works so your experience my not match my descriptions. Also, I will be speaking only about the areas of the mind we can either see or have conscious control of if we chose to. All this information is a taster for the guidance that you will have access to if you subscribe to one of our memberships.

What is Latent Memory?

Generally speaking, the subconscious mind is the less visible aspects of our minds that we carry within us from either our past experiences or future projections. These are subtle activities in the mind which can inspire an array of different emotions depending on the subject of the thought and the way it is said. Our conscious mind is commonly known as the more visible areas of our minds we repeat, and refer to day to day. Again, generally speaking, everything in the subconscious mind reinforces the conscious mind and in a sense, there is no difference. 

Latent memory is extremely useful, acting as a vast easily accessible space of potential connections and new ways of seeing.

however, an overloading of information from too much stimulation or a particularly stressful situation can block us from how we want to be, even if the situation Isn't that threatening, patterns can appear that bring us down and spiral into other abstractions. The temptation then may be to avoid the memorised situation to avoid the feeling, a much more door opening way of seeing would be to change you thought patterns that correspond to the situation. Whether you are or aren't familiar with this, it doesn't matter, we can work around you as an individual.

Every single day we feel stressed mainly about what is unknown to our minds. A large percentage of life is unknown, so this means that slight anxiety or fear is running in all of us every day. The resolution to this can take the form of a clearer perspective, for example, the fact that everyone is in the unknown and we are all learning as we go, is true. Or, a faster more effective resolution, is being totally comfortable with mystery, embracing mystery is embracing who you really are. If we plan too much and don't leave room for error then our expectations are going to be crushed quite a lot, causing motivation issues and then quitting. 

When we talk about economics there are massive amounts of information our minds cannot handle and so are unknown to us, this is why we need to be comfortable with the unknowns by accepting they are there, not dwelling on them but moving forward. 

When you look at price action on a chart there are areas of certainty and uncertainty, technical analysis and indicators allows us to feel more comfortable with the uncertain fluctuations so you can make a long or short decision. Embracing the unknown in trading does not mean you go in naked with no technical advantage or confluence, it means you accept that your analysis narrows down where price will go but in the end it is a mystery. Price can either respect your analysis or simply reject it. feeling comfortable with that is an essential practice in trading.

The resolution to any problem in life comes through clearer perspective then clearer action, both having their foundation in awareness itself.

Being a part of a group of traders is an incredible opportunity, having readily available meditation techniques is a perk alongside that. We wanted to create the most effective service for you guys and saw this as an extremely good combo. Mindfulness + Trading 

we all have our own unique ways of becoming inspired, you might be artistic, listen to music, sing, meet friends, mind-map, explore new things or learn a new skill. You can pretty much draw inspiration from anything about anything. 

To enjoy your time doing something that benefits you and even others is ideal.

you might consider yourself a motivated person, a shy person, confident, clever, relaxed or maybe you focus more on the downsides of life for whatever reason, you consider yourself to be depressed or lacking in ability. whoever you are, its obvious that you will feel a mixture of these emotions, no matter how much you focus on improvement or positives. 

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