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THEHUNDREDFX is a company entirely dedicated to providing high-quality trading guidance on the financial markets, including economics, econometrics, information technology, market psychology and an opportunity to receive high quality spiritual and mental guidance 

All of that, with a focus on trading techniques and strategies, we do NOT provide any type of financial advice, and we do NOT make empty promises. 

Our focus is entirely educational and skills growth. The lack of seriousness about the real scope of knowledge that surrounds the markets makes it easy for less advised people to fall for consequential temptations. 

THFX aims to change that by relying on what science has to say about trading the markets. Most people don't realize that there are fields of science that study the most effective ways of approaching the markets. There is no need to trust empty promises because we can trust the judgement of an external and impartial mechanism called scientific method and historic data.

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