The fact that you are here on our website means you already know the endless possibilities trading the financial markets can give you. Amongst our team of traders and clients we all have one thing in common which is making time work for us! No boss,  able to make a living anywhere in the world. Every day, many of us are realising that trading the markets is a brilliant skill to learn, whilst also having the doubts about how to set up your strategies. This is why we are here, to ensure maximum safety of capital and a feeling of financial stability.

There are many reasons why you should trade, all of which will depend on who you are personally:

  • With commitment and guidance, there is an enormous amount of potential to capitalise trading on the markets.

  • Self development is a by product of practicing a skill like trading, we develop skills, come across challenges and learn from experience.

  • Trading is a skill which can be passed down to younger generations, so they are able to provide value in their community.

  • Feeling more free and less tied down to physical circumstances.

  • Meeting new friends and connecting to a global community

  • Gain financial freedom that leads to other possibilities like travelling or activities

  • Cultivating organisational skills, improving your self development skills 

  • Seeing the world of economics and societal hierarchy more for what it is


  • A genuine transparent team who does not exaggerate past and future results. We are committed to help individuals who seek real live mentorship and a community.

  • Basic and Advanced Education designed to teach you how to be a consistent profitable trader.

  •  Live Zoom sessions and webinars

  • Telegram groups from analysis, alerts, to the golden circle and more

  • Master Accelerator  (learn everything we know and get the tools you need to be a master trader in a short period of time)

  • Self development Programmes (read more in guidance section)

  • 24/7 Support wherever you are
The reason why ThehundredFX exists is to provide a learning space for new and experienced traders.